In detailed and thorough, dr. Dodo S Arianto SpS explain the necrosis and apoptosis of nerve cells problem in stroke cases and other neurological disease cases in the presence of 240 Neurochol symposium participants. On this occasion, dr. Dodo also explained the role of the PPC (Polyunsaturated Phosphatidylcholine) which is the main Neurochol formula which is believed to be the choice of the appropriate therapy to prevent the occurrence of necrosis and apoptosis of nerve cells by preventing the breakdown of phospholipids and the formation of arachidonic acid. This Symposium which held in PERDOSSI Malang branch twig Kediri-Tulung Agung-Trenggalek received warm responses from the participants.

The enthusiasm of the symposium participants was responded by the promotion team with providing audio visual containing the presentation materials and animation of Neurochol and other Landson Natural products at the information desk. Hopefully, through symposium and seminars that are regularly held by the Division of Natural Landson, those who are work in the field of health and pharmaceuticals, as well as the general public who want to improve the quality of life and prevent the risk factors of neurological diseases, become more familiar with the quality products from Landson – PT Pertiwi Agung.