Expansion in our factory by enlarging the capacity and upgrading facilities is part of our long term commitment in pharmaceutical industry. Our plant equipped by production facilities of soft capsule, sachet effervescent powder, tablet, hard capsule, and syrup.


Soft Capsule

Our Soft Capsule production process is supported by advanced technology and equipment, the cGMP encapsulating plant design has all contact parts made from Stainless Steel 316, GMP validatable systems, and clean line pump. It is state of art system, designed to encapsulate all type of soft capsule: pharmaceutical, food supplements, vitamins, traditional medicine, cosmetics, also paint ball, in the oil and paste form.

Hundreds of die roll set possibility for production in the round, oval, oblong, tube, suppository and cosmetic shapes. Our Soft Capsule Machine is capable of large scale production in the order of 250 million of capsules per year, with the most popular size (8 minims oblong). The process can be divided into four phases; capsule base preparation, fill preparation, encapsulating and drying, size sorting and inspection.

Sachet Effervescent Powder

Effervescent powder in sachet is a unique dosage form which requires special attention starting from Raw Material treatment, mixing and filling into sachet. Our effervescent production process follows advanced technology and machineries, in accordance to cGMP effervescent plant design.

The Sachet Filling Machine represents one of the most critical phase for production of a perfect Effervescent powder batch, which is a more demanding process than the manufacture of other powders, tablets and hard capsule, because effervescent powder should be filled and sealed in a process under conditions of low humidity and accurately controlled temperature. We can produce an output of 500 sachet/min/machine and have the capability of large scale production in the order of 600 million sachets per year.

Other Product Facilities

The process of Tablet consist of Mixing in "Supermixer" and then wet granulation and wet sieving, follows by drying in "Fluid Bed Drier (FBD)" and than dry sieving follow with "Final Mixer" the powder will than process in "Tabletting Machine". We have 4 tableting machine which capable of production in the order of 800 million tablets per year. For film coated tablets, it goes through a process of coating with "Film Coating Machine" perforated type.

Hard Capsule
Hard Capsule is a unique dosage form which consists two empty separate parts of semi-closed cylinder in shape with i.e caps and body which filled with powder. The flow process of Hard Capsule: Mixing in "Mixer" and than filling in "Automatic Capsule Filling machine" which capable of production in order of 50 million hard capsule per year.

Syrups are prepared by adding Active Pharmaceutical Ingriedient to, or dissolving/suspending them in, the simple syrup and adding flavoring matter. The Flow process of Syrup: Mixing in "Homomixer" and filtering and than filling and pilferproof capping which is capable in order of 900 thousand bottles per year.



Landson posses various products in the following ranges and we are making efforts to continuously introduce new products into the market. It is our basic commitment to provide a range of sophisticated pharmaceutical products with good raw material quality to our customers. Our aim is to manufacture quality and effective products which would be beneficial in healing the condition of the patients.



Landson R&D Department was established with a strong vision in the future. Our research mainly looks for the best formulation supported by suitable technology and experts to gain the efficacy, safety and stability of the products. R&D is the gateway and represents the company’s spirit to produce superior product. In addition validated methods of analysis development and stability studies are performed including process validation on all our products.