One month has passed after the new Astria packaging was officially launched in early February 2019. It means that ASTRIA photo contest period has also ended.

So many participants from Mensa Group business units inside and outside the city participated in contributing to their joy, ideas and enthusiasm to win this contest by posting their photos on the Mensa Group Facebook account and competing to get as many likes as possible. Of course the committee has prepared attractive prizes for the winners.

From 61 participants, there were 2 winners with the highest number of Likes, namely Mrs. Tere (1758 Likes) and Ms. Mia Sitohang (1717 Likes) who both came from Landson business unit. The committee also has consolation prizes for some other participants. The awarding of the grand prizes to the winners was held on March 18, 2019 in Landson – Mensa 2 Building, Kuningan Jakarta. It was handed over by Mrs. Titiek Sri Hendarti (Corporate OTC & Consumer) as the event organizer. Wait for more of ASTRIA surprises !