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Jakarta, Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Following the innovation at the end of last year as the official Restylane marketer in Indonesia, now Landson is proud to launch a Restylane Indonesia website, Here, we can find interesting information about skin care needs for slowing down the aging process, and how the series of Restylane products solve that aging problem. In fact, you can also see the metamorphosis of facial skin aging process along with age! There is also a skin aging simulation that shows the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

Not only that. To indulge you as a visitor, this website also provides consultation for those who want to ask the experts about skin aging problems or Restylane treatment. Simply by submitting a question, the dermatologists will provide solutions for your problems. Want to talk directly with an expert? There is also an Online Consultation where you can ask the experts directly through Yahoo Messenger. Another case if you are interested and want to know more about the Restylane products, you can fill out the form and submit directly to the Restylane Marketing.

After accessing the web, getting information about skin and how it's aging process, and obtaining solutions around issues of aging using Restylane, of course you also want to find out where you can get the range of Restylane products. No need to be confused, this website also provided with information about the clinics that provide range of Restylane products along with treatment that can be obtained at these clinics. Until now, there have been several large clinics that provide Restylane, such as Miracle Aesthetic and Anti Aging Clinic, Ultimo Aesthetic and Dental Center, Med Spa, Jakarta Skin Center, Senopati Skin Center, and many more.

For those of you who want to know the various insights about beauty, body and skin care, and other various interesting information from Beauty Worshipper and General Practitioner (GP) Aesthetic, this website also provides a blog that contributed by the people who are competent in the field of beauty and skin care trends. In addition, to make us closer to you who care about beauty and appearance, you can also connect directly with Restylane Indonesia's Facebook and Twitter with account @duniaNASHA. You can also subscribe your e-mail to receive periodic Restylane Indonesia newsletters and a chance to win free treatment using Restylane.

What are you waiting for? Click, find various information in it, and do not forget to share Restylane Indonesia's facebook and twitter to your colleagues.

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