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Passion Can Goes To Nigeria

Jakarta, Friday, 3 December 2010

On October 30 ago once again Landson made a breakthrough. Not enough with the launching of Restylane® as a result of cooperation with Q-MED Sweden, on the same day Landson also held a Passion Can release of shipments event to Nigeria that took place in Cibitung. The event itself was attended by Mr Jimmy Sudharta, Mr Jonathan Sudharta, Mr Subowo, Mr Lim Soeyantho, Mr Basuki, and Mrs Yulia Hidayat also export and factory teams. The first release of Passion Can container begin with greeting from Mrs. Yulia Hidayat which mention a flashback about the idea of Passion Can product development as a development variants of Passion that currently existing until managed to carry out shipment to Nigeria. The next event is closing and seal the container by Mr Jimmy Sudharta follow by breaking the jar as a symbol of opening the road for Passion Can market, and prayer led by Mr Subowo with hope for the entire shipment process runs smoothly and Passion Can capable of being number one energy drink products in Nigeria and surroundings.

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