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Landson Holds The 2nd Proza Symposium

Jakarta, Tuesday, 23 November 2010

To improve Proza brand image as a Herbal Immunostimulant among the doctors in Surabaya, Landson cooperate with the Surabaya branch PAPDI to holds one day symposium with the theme "The Role of Herbal Immunostimulants in Disease Prevention and Management" which was sponsored by Proza on October 30 at Hotel Bumi (Ex Hyatt) Surabaya. This event is the second Proza symposium in 2010, which previously held at the Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta.

Attended by 224 internists, pulmo, and the majority of GP from Surabaya and its surrounding area, three speakers participated, namely Prof Dr Nasronudin SpPD, K-PTI FINASIM which discusses "The Role of Echinacea angustifolia to DHF", Dr Choirul Efendi, SpPD K-AI , FINASIM who discussed "Echinacea as a Herbal Immunostimulator" and Dr. Jusri Ichwani SpPD, K-GER FINASIM which discusses "Immune System on Elderly." As for the moderator is Dr Widayat Sastrowardoyo, Sp.FK.

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