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Landson Held Landson Scientific Weekend (LSW)

Jakarta, Thursday, 2 September 2010

In the beginning of last August, Landson held Landson Scientific Weekend at Tanjung Korok Resort, Lamongan, and the participant consists of 11 internist and their family.

Various activities carried out during the event, starting from Landson's Company Profile presentation, Lesichol product presentation with theme "The Role of Phosphatidycholine in Hepatitis and Liver Disorders" followed by discussion, until casual events such as dinner barbeque, karaoke competition, and morning gymnastics. Furthermore, in order to strengthen the relationships between the doctors, in the end of the event, all participants are invited recreation to Wahana Bahari Lamongan (WBL). Seeing the positive response from all participants, to be expected that similar events can be held in Malang - Jatim Park.


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